My work is created from an intuitive place, often reflecting memories and feelings. My ceramic pieces are organic in form, playful, quirky, and invoke a sense of antiquity. I love the dynamic that happens when my wonky clay forms interact with my line drawings and carvings. I have been cultivating my line designs for over twenty years now. Drawing with line has been a key component in my work for as long as I can remember and this quality of drawing adds character to my ceramic work. My hope is that my ceramic pieces can function as a part of other's everyday living. 


Each piece is carefully hand formed using stoneware clay and hand decorated using various techniques. All work is fired to cone 5/6.


All pieces are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe, unless they have gold lustre details. Pieces made with gold lustre should be washed by hand to preserve the longevity of the lustre finish. 


Each piece is carefully packaged to prevent breakage during shipping. USPS Flat rate shipping is preferred when possible.  


Please email me at for inquiries regarding wholesale and custom orders. I am a slow, small batch maker with limited resources. I make work for the love of making and to see it living on in someone else's space.



Blue line series by Samantha Ceramics.

Blue line series by Samantha Ceramics.